Jane Fonda Dice Clay

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard and seen Jane Fonda on The Today Show talking to Meredith Viera and using the “c-word.” No, not “chuckle,” the other “c-word.” The c-word of all c-words. Anyway, besides the look being priceless from Meredith this got me to thinking about a few other things. If you’re a woman who is over 65 years old, there are some other words I don’t ever want to hear coming out of your mouth. These words I never want to hear coming out of your old mouth are as follows:

  1. testicles
  2. dirty sanchez
  3. sack
  4. knockers
  5. motorboat
  6. banging
  7. golden shower
  8. pink taco

Thank you, elderly women, for following these simple instructions.

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