Jamie Lynn’s Baby Shower Just Like I Pictured It!

So you know me enough by now to know that I don’t lie. Ok fine, I only lie. However, it is true that I had spent days pondering just what Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby shower would look like. I pictured Jamie sitting on a dirty rug on the floor with tackily (??) wrapped gifts all around her. Of course there would be a dusty recliner in the background and a lamp that I’m pretty sure is the top of the “leg lamp” from A Christmas Story. Next thing you know I actually see some pictures from Jamie’s “alleged” baby shower and it’s exactly how I pictured it! Thank you demented psychotic imagination! Thank you!

What a traditional Louisiana baby shower…not that I’m judging, but I am. I mean if you have family members that have about $125 million I would hope they toss me about $2,500 and maybe have it at a nice restaurant or something. In Louisiana I’m assuming that’s a Hooters, but still $2,500 there can get you a lot of wings and pitchers of beer. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Jamie looks very natural holding that baby almost like she’s holding one of her dolls…you know…kinda like how she was about 5 years ago. Yeah I went there. I love the Jamie Lynn hate mail.

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