Jamie Lynn Spears Was a Mistake. Awwww.

Poor Jamie Lynn Spears. First she was named partially after her father and partially after her mother, then she got knocked the hell up, and now her uncle is coming forward to talk with In Touch about how Jamie Lynn was actually a mistake. That’s sweet as pie, but he should have waited until the holidays to tell her that. Perhaps jotting it down on her Christmas card? That’s always an option.

Anyway, Uncle Spears, William, (or as I like to call him ‘Uncle Billy Spears’) tells In Touch Magazine that Jamie Lynn’s dad, Jamie, was concerned when is wife Lynne told him she was pregnant because Jamie had a vasectomy right after they had Britney. Um, sprinkling a mix of powder and bleach on your winky isn’t a vasectomy. Maybe that’s how things roll in Louisiana, but that doesn’t cut it elsewhere.

Uncle Billy Spears continued by telling the magazine that “Jamie got awfully mad. He said it couldn’t be his.” Wow. He must have been so mad that he could barely chew straws of hay on his porch and drink moonshine while shooting his guns in the air. Times are tough. Very tough.

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