Jamie Lynn is Practically a Lady

When a man and a woman really love each other or get really drunk and have mismanaged sex a baby is made! See kids you can learn a lot from ImBringingBloggingBack. Anyway, once you’re knocked up and 16-years old it only makes sense to get married. I mean it’s very traditional and if there one thing I think about when I pondering the Spears family, it’s “traditional.” Rumor has it that Jamie Lynn Spear is, in fact, engaged to the father of her bastard child, Casey Aldridge. I guess if Casey Aldridge is going to play “penis machine gun” with Jamie Lynn and she ends up “with child” then they should get married because that’s, clearly, a marriage based on love…adult love. Oh, and once they’re married they finally won’t have to deal with those pesky curfews anymore. It’s a win win.

A drunken Spears family insider has told People Magazine, “She’s got an engagement ring. She’s been showing it off and talking about it.” I highly doubt that’s what was said. It was probably something more like this: “Yeeeee haw (gun shots, gun shots)! Jamie Lynn gots up and was doing braggin’ ’bout that shiny metal round her fanger with some of them there sparkly glass on tops of its. I’s even dipped it in my daddy’s moonshine and it didn’t go on and disappear or nothings. She’s awfully happy, ya’ll.!”

Who Said That!?

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