Jamie Lynn Got Book Learnin’!

Yeeeeee Haw (two shots from the shotgun in the air) Jamie Lynn Spears is gettin’ some of them there smart from books and doin’ some learnin’ for her big old GED test comin’ up soon. Yeeeeeee haw! Jamie Lynn, y’all, and her momma Lynne were out and about in Louisiana preping for Jamie Lynn’s GED exam. Ain’t no way she gonna be some knocked up trailer trash without none no educational degree from high-school y’all. Soooooooooiiiiiieeeeee! She gonna be a smart knocked up trailer trash!

Ok, I’m over that. Anyway, I think the real question is where on earth did Jamie Lynn actually find a book in Louisianna? Isn’t that kinda like finding an igloo in the desert? Just assuming. It’s great to see Lynne supporting one of her daughters. Somewhere (probably at an “after-hours”) Dina Lohan is squealling with delight and is still in the running towards becoming Mother of the Year (MOTY). Don’t forget to smile with your eyes, Dina!
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