James Blunt to Victim: You’re Crippled. You’re Crippled. It’s True.

High-pitched, whiny, singer James Blunt ran right over the leg of this dude who was just trying to get a little old autograph while in Los Angeles, says one random witness. James was with his girlfriend, supermodel Petra Nemcova, when the alleged accident happen, but they never stopped to check on the dude that they hit. Since we don’t know this guys name yet, I will call now call him, “Stumpy McDragAlong” (thanks Traci).

When James Blunt’s rep was contacted for comment he stated, “He was overwhelmed by the swarm of paparazzi and was truly not aware of what happened. We’re very sorry for what happened, and we’re looking into the matter.”

Yeah sure blame the paparazzi. These guys get blamed for everything, including the war in Iraq. It would have been WAY more believe able if they just said that James was in such awe that a supermodel would actually date him that he became dizzy and never saw the guy near his car. Seriously, I need to become famous so that I can date a supermodel. And, when I do I’m totally going to full-on admit that she’s only dating me because I’m famous. I mean, every famous dude can get any hot and rich model. Well….that’s not always true. Example: Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman.

Who Hit Stumpy McDragAlong!?!
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