Jake Gyllenhaal Needs Harriet Carter

I always assumed Jake Gyllenhaal was kind of an ass based strictly on pictures of him. How else are you supposed to judge someone? Little did I know that Jake would bring two of my favorite things together: The Boston Red Sox and Harriet Carter products. Jake is such a busy guy that even while he’s in a rush to get to the set of his new movie, Nailed, in South Carolina he won’t let the rain slow him down thanks to his “umbrella bitch!”

Now I’m not trying to put the “umbrella bitch” out of work, but if only Jake had read IBBB he would have known that the Harriet Carter catalog sells umbrellas that simply attach to your shoulder so they you can have two free hands to do such important tasks such as holding your coffee, beating your kids, flicking off the paparazzi, and keeping your fingers crossed that the Red Sox make it to the World Series again this year.

This is just reason #4,632 why more celebrities should be reading ImBringingBloggingBack. It’s a site that makes your life easier, breezier, and trashier.

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