Jaime Lynn Plays the Birth Game

Well I guess it’s safe to say that Jamie Lynn Spears was old enough to have her period. JLS played the “birthing game” to a bay girl this morning around 9:30 AM Mississippi time, which technically makes it around 9:30 1984, with her family by her side. I always assumed she would give birth in a cardboard box lined with old newspapers under the stairs….you know, kinda like the same way she got pregnant. Anytrash, a drunken source close the family has told People Magazine that “everyone is happy and healthy.” Really? Everyone? I’m not. I’m tired and pissed. Thanks for asking.

No word yet on what the name will be, but I’ll assume it will be some iteration of Lynn, Jamie, and/or Britney. Perhaps Jatney? My money is on that. Good day.

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