Jackson Moves In, Vegas Gets Creepier

Look out Stratosphere. Move to the left (to the left) Palms Hotel. There’s a new attraction in Vegas, baby! (I can’t say Vegas without the “baby,” just not possible). Michael “the diddler” Jackson has moved all of his crazy crap into a new home he purchased in Vegas, baby! I guess Jackson is trying to strike up a deal to do a live show that some are comparing to Celine Dion’s. Oh, and by “live show” I’m talking about “music” and not “diddling children.”

It looks like Jackson may actually be set to make his comeback. Vegas (baby) entertainer Jeff Beacher has said to US Weekly, “He wants to make his comeback here…Jackson wants this to be his new Neverland.”

Uh, yeah that’s cool because the original Neverland ended up being so successful? I can’t even imagine what this show will be like. Do you think that Jackson wants to relocate to Vegas (baby) because of that old saying, “What happens in Vegas (baby), stays in Vegas (baby)?” Someone should tell him that it doesn’t apply to “diddling.”

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