It’s Opening Day For the Red Sox, Baby!

It’s opening day at Fenway for the Red Sox today so you know what that means….time to water the mound. That actually isn’t supposed to sound as perverted as it did. So if you’re in Boston and have $312 to spend (face value) on box seats, $60 for parking, $7 for a beer (plus $1.00 for a tip), $7 for a hot dog, and $32 for a hat then come on down and enjoy the game! Oh, and that’s if you’re by yourself. If you’re bringing your family, please be sure to bring at least $500 with you for the day. Sure you’ll have to pull your kids out of private school in order to afford to take the family to a Red Sox game, but in the end it’s worth it. And just think, one day you’ll get to watch Dice-K throw 12,000 pitches! So best of luck Red Sox and don’t F it up right after the All-Star game. No pressure.
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