It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Snooki Bedazzled Her Name on Her Dress…But What Took So Long?


I know what you’re thinking. “I only see one pair of floating eyes.”  However, surrounding those floating eyes is an entire person and that person, of course, is one Ms. Snooki Snookerson.  Jersey Shore’s Snooki and Grandpa Situation (who may or not be passed out whilst standing) made sure to give us one of their best “Myspace Cool Kid” poses while backstage at the annual Inner Circle Gala which took place at the Hilton Hotel in NYC over the weekend.

Snooki was also sporting a new dress that…wait for it….wait for it….poof your hair….wait for it….had her name bedazzled on it.  It’s almost like Ed Hardy made love to a Hanes “huskey” t-shirt and never “cleaned it up” before giving it to Snooki.  Gross.

In other Snooki updates, it appears she also had a streak or two of red highlights to her “freakin’ poof.”  I wish it was white streak so that it looked like she was wearing a skunk-skin cap on her head, like the Davey Crockett of the Jersey Shore.  Here’s to wishing.

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