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Maybe there wasn’t  a “tightrope between me and you.”  Maybe it was just a vaginastein the whole time.  The bleak future of the Heidi Montagbot, Kim Zolciak, is reportedly “trading wigs” with another woman.  And by “trading wigs” I, of course, am talking about “doing boom boom.”  And by “doing boom boom” I, of course, am talking about “being in a relationship with a woman.”  I think my maturity just peaked.

Us Weekly is exclusively reporting that Real Housewives of Atlanta trash bag, Kim, is dating DJ Tracy Young and has been for the past 3-months.  Why do all female DJ’s look like Samantha Ronson?  Well, all DJ’s except Tanner.

Kim and Tracy Young “stepped out” together at Blacks’ Annual Gala in Miami over the weekend and are said to be “really happy.”  You totally know Big Papa is paying Kim in blond wigs if she’s willing to toss Tracy in the bed with them.  Thank youPAPAAAAA! Wait a second.  Maybe Big Papa was actually Carnie Wilson the who time?!

See, now if DeShawn Snow was willing to play scissors with some chick maybe she’d still be on the show today.  And you know NeNe is in process of cutting her hair even shorter so she can give Kim’s possible lesbian storyline a run for its prosituted out money.

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