8 Chances in June to Save at Ticketmaster With Codes & Promos

Who wants to really spend all that money when heading to that must-see concert?! Check out these killer promo codes to start saving additional cash at Ticketmaster right now!

Active Ticketmaster Promo Codes June 2018 - Coupon, Sales, Discounts on Tickets at Ticketmaster.com 2019

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There’s nothing like that experience of a live show.  Live, anything to be honest.  Whether you’re trying to score tickets to that upcoming concert you’ve been obsessing over, trying to still score Hamilton tickets at a price that won’t cause you to declare bankruptcy, heading out to the ball game, need to grab last minute tickets to your local comedy show, there’s one thing that all those things have in common.  They’re all so expensive!  It’s like no matter where you live whenever you have to purchase any kind of ticket you have that same feeling as when you bought your first car.  Financial panic.  We’ve scoured the absolute pits of the internet to help you (and, uh, us) save as much as possible when having to buy tickets.  While you may not love having to give over your paycheck to Ticketmaster, they really are one of the best and most reputable.  Check out some of the best Ticketmaster promo codes, coupons, and sales happening (so far) in June 2018.

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The Must-Try Ticketmaster Promo Codes for June:

June 2018: 50%

Ticketmaster Promo Code for June 2018: Up to 50% Off

Tired of paying full price for concerts and events? Why are they SO expensive?! For a limited time this month you can save up to 50% off (whoa!) on your purchases with this promo code from Ticketmaster. Some exclusions apply. Click the "get code" button here and then copy and paste the code during your checkout process over at Ticketmaster. Happy saving this month! More Less

June Sale Ends Soon!


2 For 1 Tix

Ticketmaster Promo Code Alert: Get 2 For 1 Tickets!

It's not like you go to a concert by yourself, right? Not that we judge. For a short time this month, Ticketmaster is offering many of their tickets as a 2 for 1. Simply put you'll save 50% (before fees, etc). Grab the promo code here and then you're good to go! Which show are you going to? More Less

June Sale Ends Soon!


Additional Great Coupon Sales and Deals at Ticketmaster:

4 Pack Sale

Major Ticket Sale: Get a “Me+3 4-Pack of Tickets” at Ticketmaster

Got some friends who want to join you at that upcoming concert or show? Well you're in luck (1. that you have friends and 2. that there's a sale going on)! This month get extra savings at Ticketmaster when you buy a pack of 4 tickets. They call it the "Me + 3" ticket sale. More Less

June Sale Ends Soon!


$40 & Less

These Tickets are All $40 and Under at Ticketmaster Right NOW!

In a world where spending hundreds for concert tickets seems to be the norm, you can still score some great deals from time to time. For a limited time this month at Ticketmaster these select tickets are all $40 and under! And it's not just for concerts. We spied sports tickets, broadway show tickets, comedy shows, festivals and a ton more. All are specific to where you live, but the deals are pretty crazy. More Less

June Sale Ends Soon!


Up to 20%

Get Great Deals on VIP Tickets and Premium Packages at Ticketmaster

It's time you started rolling like a real VIP. Ticketmaster has some great sales and deals on a variety of VIP tickets and premium packages that, well, even we can afford. More Less

June Sale Ends Soon!


Start @ $57

Sale Alert: Get Shawn Mendes Concert Ticket For Cheap!

We hate to use the word "cheap" but we're totally fine with it when we're talking about ticket promos! Hurry and grab your Shawn Mendes tickets while you still can...and at a great price. Shawn is heading out on tour and tickets are going to disappear quickly! More Less

June Sale Ends Soon!


Start @ $39

Christina Aguilera Concert Tickets on Sale at Ticketmaster

That's right folks, Xtina is heading out on her Liberation World Tour and you can score some tickets from Ticketmaster at prices now starting at just $39. Insanity. Click to see all the savings this month! More Less

June Sale Ends Soon!


I Mean

Fingers Crossed: Get Hamilton on Broadway Tickets from Ticketmaster

If we could say anything about Hamilton it would be two words. Good. Luck. The show is a life-changing experience and is still on everyones bucket-list. Check out which Hamilton tickets are still available on Broadway in NYC. We've seen available tickets on sale for as low as....well, you have to see it for yourself. People are willing to spend anything and everything for these. Don't miss your shot. More Less

June Sale Ends Soon!


Here’s Exactly How to Use the Discount Code at Ticketmaster:

While people usually view ticket brokers as the devil since the prices are so high, Ticketmaster actually does a really decent job of helping us save some money along the way, at least on the base-price of the tickets.  Good luck with those fees!  Why do they always sneak up on us like those airline fees do?! And why are they so high?!  Overall, we’ve found that Ticketmaster is always running some kind of sale or short-term deal.  We’ve been successful at finding at least 2-to-3 active promo codes each month that help us save some cash on a variety of events.  We may not always get front-row deals but, hey, every little bit counts.  If you’re looking for overall sales at Ticketmaster, this is the best place to start.

Where You Can Enter Your Code

We’re not going to lie to you, finding where you can test out your promo code at Ticketmaster isn’t really the easiest.  We actually signed up for an account, made it to the final part in the checkout process and still didn’t see where we could add our code.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that it’s actually insanely easy once you find it.  And the best part?  You don’t have to sign up, be logged in, or even add your tickets to your cart to see if your code is active and working!  What’s better than that?  Check out the steps below on how to test yours out.

Once you’ve chosen the concert, event, show (etc, etc) you’re interested in going to, directly to the right of the price slider you’ll see the box titled “Enter Offer Code” with a little lock button next to it.  That’s your promo code box!  You can actually test out your code even before you select your tickets!  What’s better than that?! While you may think the promo code box is in plain site, like we said, we’re used to going through the checkout process to add ours.  Don’t make the same mistake we did! If your code works, they’ll let you know.  If it doesn’t you’ll get a message to let you know to try it again.

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So Many Questions, So Little Time

When purchasing tickets online, we always have a ton of questions.  Hopefully we’ve answered for you (above) how to save on your tickets when buying online.  Here are more common questions people have.

What the Deal is With Presale Tickets and How You Can Get Your Hands on Them

Everyone wants to get their hands on presale tickets.  At Ticketmaster they presale tickets refer to a set of tickets set aside and made available to a certain groups of people before they’re made available to the general buying public.  Usually, these kind of tickets are for specific credit-card holders, people with VIP status, radio station presale members, and a variety of others. Regardless of the presale, one thing is for sure, you’ll need a specific code to unlock these special early-access deals.

How to Get a Code for Presale Tickets

This, for sure, isn’t the easiest to find online.  To be honest, most likely, you won’t end up stumbling across a password.  These passwords are usually reserved for fans with specific credit cards where this is one of the perks, etc.  If you’re lucky enough to get a password please note that this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your tickets at Ticketmaster.  If simply gives you the chance to gain access to tickets before the general public.  Here are some additional ways to increase the chances you could get a passcode:

  1. Sign Up for Ticketmaster Presale:  Once you sign up, ‘favorite’ your favorite bands, artists, teams, etc and you can then get emails alerting you of possible presale deals.
  2. Sign Up at LiveNation:  You can also sign up at LiveNation here.  You’ll get alerts about presale tickets as well.  Why not increase those chances!?
  3. Follow Your Favorites on Social Media:  When you follow your favorite bands, artists, entertainers, teams and more on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap you’ll sometimes notice they’ll share with you the special password for their show or event.
  4. Check With Your Credit Card Company:  Some credit card companies have perks for their loyal and valued customers in which they’ll give you presale early access codes just for having their card.  We’ve seen this most recently with Chase, but also with Amex, and Citibank.  If you’re a big concert or event goer, it may make total sense to go with one of these cards to help increase your chances.

It May Actually Cheaper to Buy Your Tickets Direct from the Box Office Instead of Ticketmaster?

We know you’re here to find all the ways to score tickets for cheap at Ticketmaster but, truth be told, in some case it actually may be cheaper just to purchase them direct from the box office.  You may not be able to get presale access there and if your venue doesn’t have their own box office you’re, of course, out of luck.  However, if there is a box office we always recommend calling them first.  If you head down there to score some tickets, in most cases you’ll be able to save by not having to pay that insane service fee that places like Ticketmaster charges.  We know it’s the cost of doing business but still, it hurts!

What If You Have Tickets With Someone Else’s Name On Them?

We made this rookie mistake where we freaked out when we bought our tickets online and then printed them out at home only to see someone else’s name on them.  Of course we panicked and contacted Ticketmaster directly.  They calmed us down by letting us know that it’s totally common and we’ll have no problem using them when entering the event.  Apparently we purchased the tickets that someone else re-sold.  So the bad news is that we probably spent even more than we should have, but the good news is that having that persons name on the ticket and not ours is totally fine.