ImBringingBloggingBack Turns 1, Acts 1

Wow, ImBringingBloggingBack turns 100 years old today! Ok, not 100, but it feels like it. Today, this crazy little blog turns 1-years old. What a f’n treat. Who would have thought that my 4th grade humor and observations would still be kicking after 1-year. Personally, I’m shocked that anyone reads this crap and continues to come back on a regular basis but almost 1-million readers later this little engine keeps on chugging. IBBB (as the kids now call it) has opened up so many doors for me and also got me in touch with some great people over the last year. Don’t get me wrong, it also got me in touch with some real assholes to which if I ever see you on the streets of New York I will be sure to fist-fight your in the middle of Times Square. And you know who you are….Bindi Irwin.

So what will the next year likely bring you? Well, in the longest site redesign in website history, IBBB is going through a major rehaul. I mean I’ve seen the concept of the new site about 2 times and don’t know why it’s taking to long, but it is. So look out for the new site soon (sometime before 2010). Expect some more interaction from yours truly. Perhaps more videos? Who knows. I also made it through one full year without ANY advertisements. I have not made one dime off of this brilliance. Well, get ready for me to sell out BIG TIME in year-2. I’m also going to shift my focus towards becoming a celebrity personal assistant, preferably a celebrity who is in the process of getting their own reality show. This way, I get to network AND be on TV. It’s a win-win for America and for me (sorry China). One thing is for sure though, I will continue my hunt for the Olsen Sluts. That will never change. Oh, and I will continue to try and make it as a model in the Harriet Carter Catalog. Please send her requests.

Thanks for making this a great year. I’m hoping year-2 is even better and if it isn’t I personally blame each and every one of you. Since it is my 1-year, I’m taking the day off today. Bite me. See you tomorrow.
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