If This is Whitney Houston at the Clive Davis Grammy Party, Where are the Receipts?



I’m not saying nothin’ about nothin’, but Whitney looks high as a kite.  Mama’s looking more like Sissy Houston and Dionne Warwick more and more each day.  Regardless (or “irregardless” depending on where you’re from), Whitney Houston was at the Clive Davis Grammy Party on Saturday night and was said to be in great spirits.  I’m sorry, but I can’t not look at Whitney and think about that brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, Diane Sawyer interview.  You know, the one where she said that crack was cheap and she doesn’t smoke crack….and then Diane Sawyer said it’s rumored that she has a $700,000 drug addiction to which Whitney laughed and replied, “Haha oh yeah?  If I was doing all those drugs where are the receipts?  Show me the receipts, Diane.”  Awesome.

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