The 5 Hottest Single Serve Coffee Makers You’ll Want to Swipe Right

Because, guess what, sometimes you just want a cup of coffee for yourself.  Here are the top 5 single serve coffee makers perfect for just that.

Best Single Serve Coffee Makers 2018

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Single serve coffee makers have really grown in popularity in recent years.  We all can totally thank Keurig for that, but at the same time most of us have been locked-in to thinking that the only way we can brew a cup of coffee for ourselves is if we use a K-Cup.  Sure, that’s one of the best ways, but today there are a bunch of different brands entering the single-serve arena and many are totally upping their brewing game.  We don’t just want a simple cup of hot coffee (ok we do), but sometimes we want more than that.  Say hello to iced-coffee, lattes, frothy options, tea, cocoa and, well, some will even help you make a quick cup of soup.  The future is here!  Shop our picks for some of the best single server coffee maker brands (so far) in 2018.

1. Best ‘No Frills’ Single Serve Coffee Maker:  Keurig K55 Classic – Check Price

Best Single Server Coffee Makers 2018: Keurig K55 Classic Review

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When you’re looking for a classic ‘no frills’ quick and easy single serve coffee machine, you really can’t go wrong with this staple by Keurig.  First off, it’s currently one of the best-sellers on Amazon with the highest ratings to boot and is perfectly priced.  You’ll be using the standard K-cups with this coffee maker and you can choose between a small, medium, and large cup (6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz).  We loved that the water reservoir is large in size with the ability to hold up to 48 ounces, which means you can pretty much make up to 6 cups of coffee before you ever have to refill it.  High-five to the lazy coffee drinkers like us!  This single-serve machine also has an ‘auto shut-off’ feature so if you happened to have accidentally left it on (and it’s been idle for 2-hours) it’ll just shut itself off.  We love a little safety feature!

2.  Best Single-Server for Brewing More Than Just Coffee:  Cuisinart SS-10 Premium – Check Price

Best Single Server Coffee Makers 2018: Cuisinart SS-10 Review

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We love coffee just as much as the next person and, well, we rock the single serve option all the live-long-day, but this coffee maker does a bit more than serve up just a “coffee for 1” option for you.  Test out the water option for single-serve tea, cocoa, or even soup.  It’s super fast too.  It brews everything in less than one minute and you don’t have to deal with ‘heat up  time’ which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you just want a quick cup of coffee and don’t feel like waiting, you’ll really love this feature.  The SS-10 also comes with a reusable filter cup (read: K-cup alternative) so you can add any kind of coffee you want and just quickly clean it out in between uses.  Sky is the limit with this one.  Plus, there’s a ‘rinse’ button so it’ll clean out the chamber for you, saving you time and aggravation.  You can use it as much or as little as you like  To be safe, we like to rinse at least once per week.  If you’re not into Keurig as a brand, this is your best bet.

3.  Best for Single Serve or Full Pot:  Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Coffee Machine – Check Price

Best Single Server Coffee Makers 2018: Cheap Hamilton Beach Review

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This is the perfect option if you’re really looking for a hybrid single-serve and full-pot coffee maker.  The price is killer (with almost any Hamilton Beach small appliance) and allows you the option to brew your coffee for either yourself or a full pot, which serves 12 cups.  You can even choose your favorite brew strength (bold or regular), which is perfect for those mornings you need a bit of an extra kick (you know the times).  Plus, if you’re totally over the K-cup/pod route, this coffee machine allows you to use your favorite ground coffee and just scoop it right in.  There’s also the built-in, programmable clock and timer so feel free to program exactly when you want your coffee within 24-hours.  What a way to wake up!

4.  The Coffee Maker of All Coffee Makers:  Ninja Single Serve Coffee Bar Coffee Machine – Check Price

Best Single Server Coffee Makers 2018: Ninja Coffee Bar for One Review

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Sure it’s a bit on the pricer side, but it’s perfect for the true coffee lover in all of us.  If you’re looking to ditch the pods and still get your single-serve satisfaction, the Ninja is your best bet.  You can simply choose your custom brews, including ‘over ice,’ latte, classic, and more.  It’s like having the barista right in your very own kitchen.  Ok, it’s more like you’re the barista, but at least you have all the coffee options at your fingertips.  Our favorite thing about this one is the specialty features, where we can enjoy coffee concentrate, layered or frozen-blended coffeehouse-style drinks any time we want. Which, spoiler alert, is all the time!

5.  The Elite Keurig Machine:  Keurig K575 Single Serve Coffee Maker – Check Price

Best Single Server Coffee Makers 2018: New Keurig Platinum K575

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If you’re open to spending a little more money on your coffee maker, go with this version from Keurig.  The water reservoir is larger than most, holding more water, and allowing you to enjoy more than 10-cups of your favorite coffee before having to even refill it (total time saver).  The K575 even gives you more brewing options that start at 4 ounces and goes all the way up to 12 ounces (hello iced coffee!).  This model will brew your coffee for you in under 1-minute (or just at  the 1 minute mark since we timed it).  It’ll also dispenses hot water so feel free to use that for tea, soup, hot chocolate or whatever you’d like.  Plus, we loved the touch-screen when choosing what and how we wanted to brew.  More futuristic than most.  And we like that!

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