IBBB is an Uncle Again!


I’m back! Sort of.  I was back in Boston for my parents 40th anniversary fiesta and about 5 hours after it was over my sister went into labor.  Needless to say I became an uncle again (is that possible?) 2 weeks earlier than planned to a 7lb 4oz baby girl named Sophia.  I was psyched I didn’t miss it!  So, onto the part you are all waiting for, I didn’t get back until almost midnight last night so I am behind on The Hills, sleep, and life.  I will try and churn out The Hills recap later today and/or tomorrow.  I know, I’m the worst.  Sometimes life gets tricky.  I am looking forward to being an uncle again AND seeing how Audrina verbally fights Jayde.  Oh, and I asked my sister if she would name the new baby “Audrina” but she wouldn’t do it.  Selfish.  Ole!

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