I Wasn't Aware You Could Wrap Blood Stained Ballet Shoes. Guess You Can.




Merry Crystal Methmas!  I decided to do a little updating on Amy Winehouse when my sister casually asked me the other day if Amy Winehouse was dead yet.  When I told her she was still alive, her reply was, “Really?”  That pretty much ended the conversation.  Anycrackrock, Amy Winehouse sure was getting into the Christmas spirit by purchasing some wrapping paper in jolly ol’ London late last week.  What do you do if you receive a Christmas present from Amy Winehouse?  And what in the hell could she possibly buy for you?  I’m sure you would unwrap a stuffed animal wearing doctor scrubs, smoking a crackpipe, eating pumpkin pie, walking a Snoopy doll, eating a snow-cone, writing a novel, with its head burnt from a gasoline and Aqua Net mixed chemical cocktail, but, I mean, after getting that for the 3rd year in a row…it gets a little passe.

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