I Was in a Jonas Brothers Shit-Storm

Fonzie would be beaming with pride right now at the Jonas Brothers. So, quick story. I made the mistake of running over to Starbucks yesterday to grab a coffee here in NYC at the absolute worst time ever. Apparently the Jonas Brothers (who I guess are a real live band and not a cartoon like I originally thought) were on TRL and there had to be a million screaming little girls in front of the Starbucks I was at waiting for the Joans Brothers to come out from the TRL side entrance. After elbowing about 1500 little girls with glittery posters and paint on their faces (I don’t care, they need to learn the lessons of the streets at a young age) I finally made it to get my shitty coffee. On the way back I actually saw these 3 douches posing for this picture while all you heard were people screaming. Apparently doing your best Fonzie impression all whilst wearing random ties is all you need to get some fans.

Seriously, looking around at all these little girls all I could think was how brainwashed they were. It’s like all the marketing tactics really work on these little girls. Geesh. I tried yelling out to them, “Go home and hit the books so that we’re not always behind the God damn Chinese when it comes to math” but no one could hear me as a Jonas Brothers chant began.

IBBB note to self: Wear bow ties and give people the thumbs up.


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