I Want to Live in a World Where Being Shallow is Accepted


Alright that’s it.  I’m pressing the “WTF” button.  Yeah, I added it.  Jealous?  Jennifer Love Hewitt and her boyfriend, Jamie Kennedy, walked the red carpet at the 100th Episode of the Ghost Whisperer party at Club XIV in LA the other night.  Sure she’s more crazy train than Jessica Simpson, but Jennifer Love Hewitt is still kinda hot.  And, looking at this recent photo, it appears that she lost some weight too.  I figured I comment on that since I’ll get hate mail stating that I only make fun of her when she’s heavier.  I’ve actually never made fun of her weight.  Tyra’s, yes.  Hewitt’s, no.  Anyway, how are these two together?  I want answers, God damn it!  And don’t tell me that people can fall in love based on “personality.”  That’s crap and you know it.  People just say that when one person is blind and the other person is fat.  That’s how that works.

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