I Think It's Time to Start A Good Old "Friends Reunion" Rumor



I’ve had the whole summer to perfect my Photoshopping skills and it shows.  In case you have been fooled, Courtney Cox is not, in fact, holding a parrot on her finger.  Now that we’ve cleared that up, C. Cox was kind enough to sign autographs outside of Jimmy Kimmel yesterday while promoting her new show “Cougar Town.”  If I were there I would just hold out a piece of paper that said, “Are the Friends really friends?” and then I’d just have her circle “yes” or “no.”  That, my friends, is my new life mission. I must head to LA to fulfill my life dream.

Anygheller, isn’t C. Cox too young to be playing a cougar?  Either way, I still think she’s looking good.  I mean, I’m not going to come within 15 feet of watching her new show, but maybe I’ll wait to see the commercial and then use that 30 seconds to make an informed decision on the entire series and make jokes at others expense.  Sounds like a solid strategy to me.

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