I Love Spam

I love spam emails. I get them all the time, but ever since I’ve added my email address to IBBB I get them way more. They always consist of helping someone with transferring money to their Nigerian bank account. Well that’s a trick I only fall for 3 times. 6 times at the most. Here’s an email I received that is as grammatically correct as the crap that I usually write:

“hello My name is Silas James the only son of James Kranya my father has a company in my country, sudden he fall sick and my mother wasn’t around then, she went for medical check up in London, she is not yet back, when I heard sad news about the death of my father. from his so called business partner when I could reach her he have already inform her, according to the doctor she collapse when they manage to revive her she have already develop (Hi blood pressure) I become totally confuse, when the doctor see that the condition is incredible they fly her back, after the burial of my father his so called business partner took position of the company, my mother was trying to re-cover the company before death took her away but before she died she handed over to me the document that my late father made with bank here in Bamako Mali where am contacting you from, the sum of $7.2 million us Dollars was deposited by my father which I have confirmed, the management told me how the money was deposited on behalf of the partner, his name was not mention by the bank, the pressure is much for me that why am consulting you ,please can you surface as my father’s business partner to the bank to enable me stand in my position , ask there to transfer the money through your account, I will visit your country for investment in way of appreciation 20% of the amount will be given to your ask compaction

Thanks Silas James”

Wow! So now did the mother collapse before or after the doctor put her on the plane due to high blood pressure? Did the so-called business partner attend the father’s funeral and, more importantly, why am I the best option to help? I mean, I’m totally going to help them, but just wondering how I made it to the top of their list. I am so going to be rich you guys!

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