I Love Rocky From I Know My Kid’s a Star!

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Um, so why aren’t more people talking about this steaming pile of train wreck more often?? Rocky from “I Know My Kid’s a Star” must have been cast on this show after they deemed her too crazy for Rock of Love. I am embarrassed to admit that this is the first episode of I Know My Kid’s a Star that I’ve seen, but clearly I jumped on the crazy train just in time. In case you don’t know, Rocky is a mom (no really, she is) who wants her kid to become a “big star.” I’m also pretty sure that she does $2 dollar sucky sucky for pocket change, but that’s another story. I’ll let the power of the Interweb uncover that. Anyway, this chick is nuts and I love it. She may want her child to become a star, but something tells me that good old Rocky wouldn’t mind a little time in the spotlight as well. Go figure. Check out the clip above of Rocky and get to know her as I have. It gets really good about 1 minute in when she’s locked in a room with a hanger and a camera and starts yelling about shaking gumballs and plugging in her PA system in front of those whores and brats. Now, I’m not technically sure what any of that means, but she was squeezing her crazy boobs together whilst saying that and also giving away glimpses of her heroin arms and meth hands. Enjoy!

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