I Have a Carrie Underwood Question

Carrie Underwood was as orange as a spray-tanned Lohan at the 2008 CMA Music Festival in Nashville the other day. I have a question. Well I’ll make a statement first and then I’ll ask the question. Statement: Carrie Underpants is hot as hell. Everyone thinks so. I’ve asked everyone and everyone said she was. Question: Does Carrie Underwood kinda seem like a big bitch? Like in the middle of sex she’s probably text messaging someone and telling you that you’re doing it all wrong. Then she’s like “get off me” and makes you sleep in the little doggie bed on the floor because she likes to stretch out when she sleeps and she hates that you’re always on her side of the pillow and breathing directly on her.

Anyone else get that vibe or just me?
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