I Hate You Both! Never Talk To Me Again!

IBBB has put his vacation on pause for about 5 minutes to report some news that was the equivalent of an Olsen getting stuck in a well. It’s being reported that Shannon Doherty is currently in talks to bring back her role of Brenda Walsh to the new 90210 this Fall. Fatty McPork-Pig, Perez Hilton, is reporting that Brenda is interested but she wants to know the story line first and she’s holding out for a little more money.

I have an idea on what the story line could be. How about, “Shannon Doherty hasn’t had real work in a while so this 90210 gig is about as good as it’s going to get for her.”

So far we have Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth back and, supposedly, Ian Ziering is trying to get involved as well. Again, my dream is that all the rest of the cast comes back and then they get rid of the new cast members and just have a 100% continuation of the original 90210. I’m still praying to my baby Jesus that Mrs. Teasley is going to return. Prayers, please, prayers.

Ok, back to my vacation.


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