I Guess She Won’t be Topping That


The 2009 celebrity death march has poured right on into 2010 and taking some of the most random of celebrities in its path of destruction.  Technically, I don’t know what any of what I just wrote means.  Moving on.  Zelda Rubinstein of Poltergeist fame died yesterday morning.  She was taken off of life support in December after most of her organs had shut down.

While most will remember Zelda from Poltergeist, many of you will remember her from her role as Madame Serena in “Teen Witch.” She helped out that pathetic plain Jane, Louise, turn into the most popular and bitchtastic girl in her school.  Several dance-offs later, Zelda is no longer with us.  I blame Louise and her glum-chum buddy, Polly for her death.  What the hell ever happened to Amanda Ingber?

In to celebrate Zelda’s life, please enjoy the secondhand embarrassment rendition of “Top That” from Teen Witch.

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