I Can’t Not See Kristen Wiig


I can’t.  Every time I see Snatchy Leak Kissit and Honda Codpiece all I can think of is Kristen Wiig and my love for her.  Did I ever tell you that time I ran into her and what I said?  Oh, of course I did.  Anyway, Snatchy Leak and Honda were all creepy smiles at the 9th Annual Woman Who Care luncheon held at Cipriani in NYC.  I’m not really sure what that is, why a luncheon is needed, and I know you’re not here for that anyway. I just wanted to test out my new nicknames for Kathy Lee and Hoda and, well, I think I like them.  I hope I see more of them so I can use them and use them and use them until even I get sick of typing them.

In conclusion of this essay, is it just me or does Kathy Lee look like Ramona from Real Housewives of New York City?  Or maybe Ramona looks like Kathy Lee?  I’m not sure who’s older and I’m not so good with “the math.”  The only thing separating them is the good old fashion “crazy eyes.”  This got me to thinking, Kristin Wiig could and should start working on her Ramona impression.  I give that idea for free.  The next one I’m charging.

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