I Already Miss the Old Whitney

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so Whitney Houston is doing well and stepped out Monday with her the new man in her life, Clive Davis. Hmmm, even though he is 110, I still feel like she traded up from Bobby. So, here’s how you know the world is just about ready to implode. American Idol non-winner Katharine McPhee was there at the Clive Davis party to sing and McPhee told reporters about Whitney Houston, “It’s her first big appearance since the break-up. I would love to sing with her, but unfortunately all eyes are on me.” Seriously, what? Katharine McPhee is about two notes away from headlining a Six Flags summer concert. She should be lucky to even sing with Bobbi Christina if she had the chance. Nice job Katharine. Right now somewhere in Alabama Justin Guarini is rolling over in his trailer because of that comment.

Anyway, Whitney told the press that she feels great. I’m over it. I already miss the old Whitney. While it may be good that she’s not with Bobby Brown anymore, it really doesn’t work for me. I’d like to see Whitney on her own reality show…maybe with her daughter Bobbi Christina and Dion Warwick. They would totally be teaching little(ish) Bobbi Cristina how to do keg stands and free-base. I’m all for a comeback, but as long as I know she’ll hit the wall again I can sleep in peace.
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