Here’s Where to Buy Huddy the Fluffy Bunny by Pikmi Pops Surprise!

Introducing our new favorite Pikmi Pops Jumbo!

Where to Find Pikmi Pops Huddy the Fluffy Bunny Jumbo Series 2017 - 2018

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Out of all of the Pikmi Pops this one is our absolute favorite.  Introducing Huddy the Fluffy Bunny.  Huddy is part of the new Jumbo Series 1 and we honestly can’t get enough of him.  First off he’s so fluffy, fuzzy, cuddly, and blue!  And then there’s those huge cute floppy ears that are blue on the outside and pink on the inside.  Plus he has the most endearing expression that makes you want to just hug him over and over again.

Rumored to be the most popular out of all the other Jumbo Pikmi Pops, Huddy is seven-inches tall and has the sweetest smell that you’ll have to just wait to uncover once you pick him up.  Once you bust him out of his Pop prison you’ll find all sorts of additional surprises including 3 dangler strings that let you attach Huddy for cuddly play time, a mysterious surprise message, and then there’s those mystery charms.  Kids love not knowing if there will only be one charm inside or if they’ll luck out with two or three of them.  Either way, they’ll have a super fun time playing with whichever charms they get.  And it’s fun to compare what you got as compared to their friends.  They can even trade with them if they want!

New Pikmi Pops Surprise Jumbo Blue Bunny (Huddy) – Buy It Here

Huddy the Blue Bunny Rabbit Plush by Pikmi Pops Surprise 2017 - 2018

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