Howard Stern Replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol?


So basically anyone can just be a judge on American Idol now?  Those with music experience need not apply.  It’s being rumored that Howard Stern is the front runner by Idol producers who want him to replace Simon Cowell when he leaves at the end of this season.  A source is saying that producers approached Stern after he spoke repeatedly about his unhappiness with being on Sirius/XM radio.  They believe that Stern will provide a lot of conflict with the other judges and contestants and make some good television and that they’re one of the only media outlets that can offer him something financially attractive enough that Sirius/XM can.  Currently it’s reported that Sirius/XM is paying Stern $50 million a year.  Yup, that sounds like Idol money to me.

While I’m sure this is just a rumor and possibly a contract negotiating tactic by Stern at best, how awesome would it be if he were the new judge?  Just think what it would be like if while Carrie Underwood were singing, “I Go Out Walking, After Midnight” Stern was throwing bologna at her ass.  Brilliant, right?

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