How to Get That Winehouse Glow



Ever wanted to look as fresh and breezy as Amy Winehouse?  Not sure how to get that Winehouse look that graces the covers of countless magazines?  Well look no further because Amy is revealing just how to keep your look young, clean, and easy breezy.  Apparently the secret is cigarettes.  Whoever said these little sticks of heaven were a threat to your health were sadly mistaken.  And you know what’s better than just one cigarette?  Two cigarettes!  Use the second one to light the first and then hold onto the second so that you can quickly shove it into your mouth the moment the first one has turned completely to ash.

Amy Winehouse was sporting her Snooki “freakin’ poof” and JWoww ShamWow skunk streaks as she left a pub on Great Compton Street in the early morning hours in London.  She looks well rested so, well, that’s the most important thing.

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