I’ll Take, “Things That Are Taller Than Snooki” For $200


People always ask me how tall is Snooki and you know what I tell them?  Google it.  That’s what I say.  Google it.  However, this really got me to thinking, how in the Guidette hell tall is Snooki from Jersey Shore?  After that thought, I then thought, “I wonder how many other random things are taller than Snooki” and, sadly, this is what I came up with.

  • Snooki stands somewhere around 4’9″ – 4’10”, maybe 4’11” but that depends on two things:  (1) The size of her freakin’ poof and (2) the wind.
  • Danny Devito (the father of Snooki in my mind) is taller than Snooki standing at a whopping 5 feet.
  • 15 duck phones stacked on top of each other are taller than Snooki quacking at 5′ 1″.
  • 10 Dep gel bottles carefully balanced one on top of the other stands stiff at 5′ 4″.
  • One official leg lamp from “A Christmas Story” is taller than Snooki by standing sexy at 5′ 5″.
  • 34 of Snooki’s “freakin poofs” hair-sprayed together (thanks to ample AquaNet) is taller than Snooki at an outstanding 5′ 8″.

Well there you have it, folks.  Don’t say you don’t learn things like math and science when you visit IBBB because, clearly, you do.  Studying this Snooki Height Chart is likely to help raise your SAT math scores up to about a 250 so, well, you’re welcome!

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