How Do I Sing With No Vocal Cords

Tell me how am I supposed to breathe with no air. Tell me how am I supposed to sing with no vocal cords. Enough of the questions, Jordin Sparks! See what can happen!? Jordin Sparks, American Idol winner for 2007, has been struck down with a career-threatening throat injury. Supposedly it’s so bad that she’s had to cancel three of her shows. Only 3? You’d figure “career-threatening” would cancel at least 5 shows.

A rep at her first concert stop has said, “Because of the risk of permanent vocal cord damage, Sparks has been ordered to strict vocal rest and will not be able to perform anywhere until her condition improves.”

In an ironic twist, Paula Abdul’s vocal cords are fine and she can continue to sing. Life is sometimes so unfair.

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