Horton Hears a Racist

With all this “Horton Hears a Who” hoopla (yes I said ‘hoopla’) I couldn’t wait to find the right time for a good old fashioned Horton Hears a “fill in the blank.” This time around “Horton Hears a Racist” thanks to old Lagina Beach/The Hills cast member Jason Wahler. J Wahl and his finance Katja Sfjedfnsdfindsfisdiski showed up at the Horton Hears a Who premiere and were all smiles, finger waves, and spiked hair while tens of photographers took their picture.

I guess it makes sense that J Wahl the (alleged) racist was invited to the premiere as there are no black Who’s in Whoville. If you remember correctly just a few weeks ago Jason was banned from visiting his fiances USC apartment after he dropped some racist greetings towards the campus security guard. Geesh! Who throws around racial slurs anymore?! Lucky that Jason isn’t on The Hills anymore because all those black cast-mates on The Hills would not stand for that type of talk. Oh wait, that’s right. Well, that one black girl that was in the background of one of the scenes on The Hills for 1.4 seconds would surely be pissed.
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