Hillbilly Teeth and The Diddler Have Dinner!



Yeee Haw (shot gun in the air with straw hanging out of your mouth)! Hillbilly Teeth and The Diddler are allegedly having a date night at some restaurant in Toluca Lake.  Ahhh Toluca Lake.  Nice.  It sounds like a magical place that doesn’t have laws.  You know, laws like “not having sex with a minor.”  It must be the land of opportunity for child molesters and diddlers alike. 

Look, I usually don’t talk about Miley on this brilliant site because I don’t want to fall into the trap that is the Disney marketing machine, but every once in a while (once “and” a while?) I see Miley out with her alleged boyfriend, Justin Gaston, and wonder why no one is giving them a hard time about this.  Is it not illegal for him to be banging her because she’s under 18 and he’s over 20?  Isn’t there like some type of rule about that?  Maybe there isn’t.  Can someone do legal research and let me know?  Thanks.

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