High School Musical Continues Its “Shock and Awe” Campaign Against My Mind

Yeah so I consider myself somewhat up on what’s new and cool. Ok, so that sentence makes me sound like I’m 57, but it’s true…I’m usually “in the know.” I’ve always been confused by what “High School Musical” actually was, having never seen it, and clearly I continue to be confused with High School Musical 2. For me, now it’s just a matter of endurance in my quest to never watch it, ever. Those sick son-of-a-bitches at Disney aren’t going to trick me into watching that crap. I was tricked once before while watching “From Justin to Kelly,” but I won’t be tricked again. I always feel awkward watching people singing to each other instead of having conversations. It’s just not likely, although I’m going to give it a try today in work. I will be singing every conversation I have and see if anyone sings back and somehow, miraculously, had specific choreographed dances moves that we all just happen to know. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Anyway, High School Musical 2 aired on the Disney Channel this past Friday and scored 17.2 million viewers, which was the largest audience for any telecast in the history of basic cable. See, this is exactly where “From Justin to Kelly” went wrong. They should have made that into a Friday night movie on TV instead of at the movies. Oh well. In even more puzzling news, HS2 (as the kids are calling it now) are releasing HS3 in the movies (jumping the shark) and are already in talks about a HS4. How dumb are these kids that they’re still going to be in high school for the next additional 4 years? Maybe they should stop singing and start studying, no?
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