Hey There’s a First Time for Everything

I’m pretty sure I’ve never written anything about Taylor Hicks, as the Jay Leno comparison jokes are just too easy. This time around Taylor Hicks is on Broadway in Grease the musical, which, to me, looks as bad as it sounds.

Is Taylor Hicks a modern-day male version of Charo? One catch phrase “Soul Patrol” has helped his career in the same way that Charo has literally made an entire living out of yelling
“Coochie Coochie.” Jealous? Absolutely. I need a catch phrase. If they remade Love Boat, Taylor would totally be guest starring.

In case you care, Taylor plays the role of “Teen Angel” which apparently exists. I assumed he would be playing Rizzo. Hicks talked about this role saying, “I am incredibly excited to be a part of one of my favorite musicals. The Soul Patrol’s gonna invade Broadway!”

Uh, sure. The Soul Patrol is invading Broadway. Coochie Coochie!
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