Hey There Creepy Gary Busey at the Oscars!

The Oscars couldn’t be more boring, but that changed tonight when Gary Busey crashed an interview with Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Garner. Luckily someone already tossed crazy Gary up on the “YouTube” that all the kids are wild about for your viewing pleasure.
Anyway, to recap the absolute crap out of Gary Busey’s crashing, Ryan Seacrest was asking Jennifer Garner craptastic questions about what she was wearing (a dress, I’d assume) when Gary comes running over to tell Ryan that he’s been looking for him for years. I believe it’s at that point when Jennifer Garner look like she’s in the process of doing “the poop” in her pants or dress for that matter. Assuming she’s wearing underwear she is sure to have a nice sampling of skid-marks in that pair.
Gary comes back for more in a few seconds and gives Jennifer a bear hug and a kiss on the neck because, you know, that makes sense. In conclusion Ryan tries to interview Seth Rogan, but not before that crazy minx, Gary Busey, comes back for more and Ryan treats him like you would treat that dorky kid in your gym class by telling him you’ll meet him “at the party later.” Like a crack-whore in heat, Gary falls for the trick and this will now make it into Oscar history. Oh yeah, and the Oscars on too.

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