Hey Polygamist Sect! Back to Diddling!

Take a break from churning butter, Polygamy Sect, because now that you have all 430 of your children back at the compound you can all get back to focusing on what you do best, diddling and marrying underage girls! What a victory for all those families and those kids. Although, I’m a little concerned with how much these kids may have changed since being removed from the compound. They’ve probably been exposed to such things as bubble gum, The Hills, sugared cereals, and self tanner. They’re totally going to rebel now that they’re back. They’ll probably start jumping rope in their pink cardboard dresses instead of their mandatory bluish green cardboard dresses. Yowza! Hang on to your oddly parted Conan O’Brien inspired hairdos because these kids are turning into absolute punks!

The family pictured above had just been reunited. No joke. Look how happy they all look! It doesn’t look like that little girl is scared whatsoever. Even Papa Jeb pictured above looks like he’s confused on who he should be screwing first. I mean there are 430 of them! It’s like Papa Jeb just hit the pedophile lottery. Cherry, Cherry, Cherry!

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