Hayden Panettiere Won’t Bowl. Bitch.

So all those kids from Hero’s were out at the “Elevate Hope Foundation’s Bowling for the Arts Celebrity Games” the other night. I’m not really sure what any of that means, but I’m assuming it has something to do with trying to convince people to make a sequel to “Hope Floats.” One can only assume at this point. Anyway, every had a great time bowling. That is, everyone except that little minx Hayden Panettiere. You know that she’s totally that girl that’s all “You guys, I’m not bowling. No, I said I’m not. Stop, it’s stupid. What? I’ll ruin my dress.” Yeah she’s totally that douche bag who wears a prom gown to a bowling alley because, you know, that makes sense.

Everyone else didn’t have a problem bowling. You know, “That Kid” bowled and so did “That Chinese Kid” along with “That Girl from that Other Show that Was on that Random Channel” and even “That Other Dude Who Kinda Looks Familiar, but This May Be His First Role.” Clearly you can tell I’ve never seen the show and don’t really know who these people are. Unless it’s reality show (preferably one that’s based in California, even more specifically…in “the hills” of California) I’m probably not watching. Anyway, I’m sure this really was for a good cause. I sure hope they make another “Hope Floats.”

Hayden Panettiere Won’t Bowl. Bitch.

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