Hayden Panettiere is Not Just Like Us

Hayden Panettiere was busy this past weekend pumping gas while in LA. I feel compelled to post pictures like this because (1) it’s absolutely pointless and (2) it reminds me of those magazine titles. So what magazine titles you ask? You know the ones that show pictures of celebrities doing random things like pumping gas, carrying groceries, and holding coffee? The caption to those pictures is always, “They’re Just Like Us!” Look at Halle Berry tripping on the sidewalk…JUST LIKE US! Seriously? Who cares. Also, they’re NOT just like us. They are way better than us because they’re rich and they’re famous and that makes them way better than us. If you had a picture of me walking down the street with an iced coffee and Brad Pitt walking down the street with an iced coffee I would not say he is “just like me.” He is better than me because he’s rich. It’s simple math, my friends. The more money you have than someone the better you are as a person. Now take these lessons that you’ve learned here today and teach your children. It’s better that they learn at a young age.
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