Roaring Fun: FurReal Tyler the Tiger is Your New Best Friend (and So is Ivory!)

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In a world that seems to be filled with unicorn everything (not that there’s anything wrong with that) we’re psyched to see that “the tiger” is making a bit of a comeback and just in time for the holidays.  Meet our new best friend, Tyler the Playful Tiger! He’s already slated to be one of the biggest interactive toys for Christmas 2017 so we’re ready to pounce on him while we still can.

Hasbro has added to their ever-growing FurReal collection and created the perfect toy for both boys and girls ‘Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger.’  He does so many things that we’re psyched about.  Firs off, Tyler has over 100 sound and motion combinations so he’s pretty much as interactive as they come.  When your kiddos make sounds or roar at him, he’ll bow and playfully roar right back at them!  His back legs move as does his head and ears to it’s really like he’s about to come alive. Luckily he’s just a soft fur toy with deep green eyes so everyone at home is safe!

Tyler is also interactive in other ways outside of his cute little roar.  If you pet his forehead, his back, or his muzzle he’s respond with a variety of movements and tiger-like sounds.  But don’t worry, he’s also soft enough to hug and cuddle all day long too. One of our other favorite things is the little toy rubber chicken that comes with Tyler.  That’s his play toy to and he loves to play and interact with him too.  And when that chicken squeaks, Tyler the Tiger is all into it.  Honesty, that poor little chicken looks petrified!

What everyone wants to know is, “What’s the price of the FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger?”  Yeah, we hear you.  Hasbro retails him at $129, but you can find him for cheaper than that online at Amazon (of course) and other places on sale online at  Target, or Walmart.  Shop around if you need to because you really shouldn’t be paying over the retail price.  Isn’t that the worst?!

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And now they’ve released their latest tiger, Ivory!  She the girl version of Tyler (although, I mean, how can you really tell?)

FurReal Roarin’ Ivory the Playful Tiger – Buy It Here

Ivory the Playful Tiger Girl FurReal 2017 Toy - Where to Buy Roarin' Ivory the Playful Tiger 2018

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Like her brother (we assume) Ivory the Playful Tiger does all the same cool things, but she’s a soft white and black tiger.  She even comes with her very own pet chicken that’s a mix of purple and pink for reasons that are unknown to us.  Maybe it’s a bird? Either way, she loves to interact and play with it just like Tyler.  And her deep blue-grey eyes are so pretty!

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