Harvey Fierstein Should Register as a “Level 3”

If you live in New York and you get a knock on your door it’s probably Harvey Fierstein and he’s probably there to tell you, by law, that’s he a Level 3 sex offender. Ok he technically isn’t, but he looks like he’s well on his way as he kisses, grinds, and goes cheek to cheek with some nervous looking “friends” at the 59th Annual New Dramatist Spring Luncheon that actually honored Harvey at the Marriott Marquis yesterday. I’m not sure what 3 of those words meant. Anyway, this is my first post ever about Harvey. I’m trying to branch out from Britney for a bit (but just for today). After looking at him I had this thought: I want to be on Best Week Ever so badly…well, that and The Soup. I imagine that moments before that will happen for me the doors will open and Harvey will be standing there and I’ll be told there’ll be a few things I must do with Harvey before they let me on Best Week Ever. I will think for a moment and then continue my true goal of selling out and become Harvey’s bitch for the night. Sure I’ll look back and shutter at what I did to get on TV, but I’ll be rich and famous by then and it would have all been worth. Oprah was right….dream big, kids!
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