Happy Belated New Year, etc and etc. Plus, etc.

Happy Belated New Year to all the IBBB readers and those of you who accidentally ended up here. Welcome and goodbye, all at the same time. I enjoyed some much needed time off from my “real” work and got to enjoy the majority of the month with my family and friends in Boston. Nothing grounds you and recharges you more than that. It was a great time home.

2008 was a great year for IBBB, I must admit. It was my first full year in NYC, I landed a Dentyne Ice Commercial, have been featured a couple of times of Sirius Satellite Radio, was lucky enough to interview Chelsea Handler, became a t-shirt model for JerseySucks.net and had endless other auditions…that I could never seem to close. Overall, it was a great year and 2009 looks to be even better!

At some point this craptastic site will be redesigned with a new look and feel. I mean, I believe it when I see it, but I’m hopeful. As you all know I’ve never been into this blog for the money, but just as a way make some people laugh even for just a few minutes a day (awwww). I thank you for your continued support of this site and all things IBBB. I look forward to more brain-rot on a daily basis.

Buckle up for 2009 kids. Nowhere but up.


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