Happy 10th Birthday, Dora!


Wow, time flies when you’re old.  Dora the Explorer has officially turned 10.  Only 8 more years ’til she’s legal. Woo hoooo!  My niece loves Dora and, therefore, so do I.  My younger niece is only starting to experience Dora so I feel like I’m in it for the long haul.  No joke, my 3 year old niece taught me, last weekend, what “hicimos” translated to in English and even gave me a few examples.  She’s a genius and, well, I guess Dora’s not so bad either.

Selma Hayek helped out Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer 10th Anniversary Celebration at Nick’s Animation Studio yesterday afternoon.  Selma took a few minutes to read a Dora book to the crowd which, I hate to say, was probably a little annoying to listen to.

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