Gossip Girl is Still On?

So, er, uh Gossip Girl is still on huh? I never made it past the pilot episode. I was literally forced to watch it once and was kicking and screaming like a tweaked out homeless person being dragged out of the nacho aisle of a 7-11 on the 4th of July. It’s terrible, no? Who wants to watch some anonymous blogger talk about stupid crap each week? Bloggers are losers. Oh wait. Yeah, I am. Anyway, here’s the whole gang on the cover of New York Magazine that is very reminiscent of the way that Friends used to do their covers, along with the same way the crack-pot cast of 90210 used to do theirs and Melrose Place used to do theirs. Basically, the put everyone in white and then make them take their socks off and lay down on a white bed sheet. I’ve actually made it a rule to not watch a show that has the cast do something like this…and I think I’ve been dead on every day.

So I guess Gossip Girls premieres tonight. Do shows usually start their season at the end of April? Does anyone watch this show? If so, please explain.
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