Gossip Girl Gets Pissed On

Finally, something interesting to write about Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively. After just writing yesterday how boring she was, we now get to insert a few golden shower jokes and even a doggy style joke just for good measure. Again, it’s like Santa is answering all of my prayers and “yes” I pray to Santa.

Boring Blake Lively was boringly out minding her own boring business and taking her boring dog for a boring walk on a boring street in New York with some boring dude when the boring dog up and pissed all over her boring tan dress. The paparazzi were there to capture every last second of her golden shower and Blake just stared boringly into the camera. She then covered up her boring dress with a boring bag, just like Claire Huxtable used to do when she was pregnant on the Cosby Show and nobody was supposed to know. Hell, I might as well toss in a “pregnancy rumor” about Blake. Is Blake Lively blocking her boring baby bump?

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