Girls Makin' Faces Like Ace Ventura….and my B.A.D G.I.R.L.S….


I think there is something wrong with my brain.  There is no reason why I should be able to pull Lil Kim lyrics out of my ass at a moments notice.  Between that and spewing out lines from Full House episodes, I have a disease.  Anynose, I hardly ever watch Dancing With the Stars because (1) it pisses me off that Samantha Harris’ voice does not match her body (2) I hate when they do that hand thing up in the air and (3) the interviews in the “red room” make me suffer from second-hand embarrassment.  I may, however, check out the new season because Lil Kim is going to literally dance her face off.  Plus, the odds of her boobs falling out of her costume are at an all time high.  Oh, and how can the judges not “judge” her when she used to sing songs about her “gentleman greeter?”  I say, brilliant!

The photos above are from some behind the scenes crap interview that took place with Lil Kim and some dude with blond hair.  I’m pretty sure he’s the brother of my other future wife, Julianne Hough.  I’m telling you, if Lil Kim doesn’t make it at least 4 episodes I’m shouting “racist America” out my window.

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