11 Christmas Gifts for the Sister Who Pretty Much Already Has Everything Anyway

Whether you love her or love to hate her, here’s exactly what to get the sister who has everything.

Christmas Gifts for Sister 2017 - Sister in Law Gift Ideas 2018

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It’s officially that time of year when you need to rack your brain to figure out what you should get your sister.  She already has everything and, well, you’ve probably already borrowed it from her, ruined it, and now need to replace it with something better.  And while you may pretend you can’t stand her, she’s really the best person in your life.  She knows all your secrets, where the bodies are buried, and she never told on you to your parents that one time you really did that terrible thing that you weren’t supposed to.  She’s bailed you out of the drunk-tank, covered for you when you snuck out, laughed with you at endless mindless jokes, and was the shoulder to cry on when you needed her the most.  Whether she’s your sister by blood or by choice, it’s time to show her just how much she really means to you.  Shop from some of the best Christmas gifts for sisters (or sisters-in-law) this year.

For the Traditional Sister Gift:  ‘Love You, Sister’ Necklace in Gold – Buy It Here

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Because she really was your first friend and she’ll love to wear there so she always keeps you close to her heart.

For the Indecisive Sister:  Voluspa Votive Candle Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: Votive Candle Set 2018

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Because it’s a great way for her to sample to many beautiful scents like apple and blue clover, yuzu rose, sake lemon, and more!

For the Bangle Loving Sister:  Alex and Ani ‘I Love You Sister’ Expandable Silver Bracelet – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: Alex and Ani Bangle bracelet for Sister 2018

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Because you both love everything Alex & Ani.

For the Candle Obsessed Sister:  Maison Margiela ‘Replica’ Fireplace Candle – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: Replica Fireplace Candle 2018

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Because she’s obsessed with the perfume so why not fill her entire home with this comforting scent?

For the Holiday Themed Sister:  Harry & David Hot Cocoa Gift Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: Holiday Hot Cocoa Gift Set 2018

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Because she’ll be in the Christmas spirit all season long especially with this variety set including Candy Cane, Gingerbread, and Red Velvet.

For the Beauty Sister:  Debroah Lippmann ‘Undressed’ Nail Polish Gift Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: Nail Polish Gift Set 2018

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Because she can try out some really pretty tones and colors all season long.

For the Comfort Obsessed Sister:  Barefoot Dreams Soft & Cozy Throw Blanket in Grey – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: Barefoot Dreams Cozy Throw Blanket 2018

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Because this may actually be the coziest blanket ever.  Have you ever tried their bathrobe?!  Insanity.

For the Nostalgic Sister:  Dylan’s Candy Bar ’90’s Time Capsule’ Candy Gift Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: 90's Candy 2018

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Because regardless of her age, you were both obsessed with the 90’s.  Take a delicious stroll down memory lane.

For the Sentimental Sister:  The ‘Sister’ Trinket Tray – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: Trinket Tray 2018

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Because it’s the perfect place for her to place her rings, necklaces, and other trinkets and think of you all at the same time.

For the Sweet-Tooth Sister:  Brandini Toffee Gift Box – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: Toffee

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Because it’s really just an excuse to devour an entire box of black and white toffee.

For the Sister at Heart:  Soul Sisters Mantraband Cuff in Silver – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Sister 2017: Soul Sister Cuff Bracelet 2018

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Because whether or not your sisters by blood, you’re definitely sisters by choice!

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