8 Ways to Gift the Hostess Who Already Has Everything (Ugh)

Because you were just invited over for a fancy-pants dinner and you gotta figure out what to gift the host and hostess.  We’re here to help.

Best Hostess Gifts 2018 - Gift Ideas for Host & Hostess Who Has Everything

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Sure you can grab a bottle of wine on the way to your dinner party, but that’s what everyone else is going to do.  And how many bottles can you really drink?  2?  10?  15?  We’re guilty on all accounts, but sometimes it shows you care a bit more when you show up with a gift for the host that you can’t drink.  We know, mind blowing.  If you know them well be sure to get them something that works with their home decór or feels personal.  If the host is someone you don’t know that well, don’t panic. Candles or candy are always a safe option.  Shop from some of our favorite gifts for the host and hostess (with the mostess, of course) we’ve found this season.

For the Decorative Hostess:  Capri Blue ‘Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco’ Candle – Buy It Here

Best Hostess Gifts 2017: Copper Candle 2018

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Because out of all the candles they have (and, trust us, there have ton) this is the coolest one because the outside is copper and they’ll actually use it as a decorative piece all year round!

For the Serving Host:  Pineapple Porcelain Serving Tray in White & Gold – Buy It Here

Best Hostess Gifts 2017: Pineapple Serving Tray 2018

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Because if you have to serve a meal to your guests it might as well be on a giant pineapple.

For the Scented Hostess:  Illume ‘Thai Lily’ Diffuser – Buy It Here

Best Hostess Gifts 2017: Diffuser 2018

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Because they’ll love the smell and how it’s even a conversation piece.

For the Sweet-Toothed Hostess:  Dylan’s Candy Bar ‘White Pretzel Balls’ – Buy It Here

Best Hostess Gifts 2017: Candy

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Because, sure, wine is fine but candy is where it’s at.  Plus, how cute is the cupcake container it comes in!?

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For the Wine Loving Host:  Stemless Copper Wine Glasses (Set of 2) – Buy It Here

Best Hostess Gifts 2017: Copper Wine Glasses 2018

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Because if you’re going to drink wine, it might as well be out of a copper glass.  Good luck breaking that one.

For the Fun Host:  Gold Pineapple Shot Glasses (Set of 2) – Buy It Here

Best Hostess Gifts 2017: Pineapple Shot Glasses 2018

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Because, like Jello, there’s always room for shots!  These pineapple shot glasses will definitely be the chicest in their collection!

For the Cozy Hostess:  Barefoot Dreams White Throw Blanket – Buy It Here

Best Hostess Gifts 2017: Soft Cozy Blanket 2018

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Because after their guests leave they’ll want to cozy up on the couch and this blanket will keep them warm and snuggly all night!

For the OCD Host:  Monte Carlo Set of 4 Drink Coasters – Buy It Here

Best Hostess Gifts 2017: Drink Coasters 2018

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Because they don’t want to try and get rid of the rings you’re leaving on their new table.  These coasters are stylish and totally do the trick!

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